Awesome Nuclear Explosion Videos

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We all love watching things explode, so I went around and made this compilation of awesome nuclear explosion videos, some of these show how amazing the explosion looks, and others show how much damage the nuclear blast can deal, either way these nuclear explosion videos rule and you should watch them!

This first one is from the allegedly largest nuclear explosion made by men, check it out:

The next one shows the effects on the surface of an underground hydrogen explosion, just watch how the earth moves like a huge bunch of jelly:

The next two videos are linked together, you can see how big the explosion is compared to the ship:

Now some random french nuclear test footage:

Next is a video of a few unidentified explosions which all look amazing:

And last, this incredible slow-mo shot of the first nuclear explosion video I showed you in this post:

EXTRA: My dear friend Neon guided to this jewel... AWESOME!