Pikachu Hat!

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Pikachu Hat... This is the cutest, softest and craziest Pikachu Hat that money can buy, this is only available in the Johto region folks, so hurry up and get yourselves one!

Pikachu Hat
Pika Pika!

Is this gnarly?... YES! YES IT IS!!!

If she ever became a playable character on any Pokemon game, I'd immediatly play that version because I would totally love to see her with that adorable pikachu hat in action, who wouldn't want to see that groovy pikachu hat in it's 3D gloriousness!! So yay for the tech developers and the nintendo guys and everybody else for making life so awesome!! All hail the pikachu hat!! :D

If you want to see yourselves with some weirdass wizerd hat or something like that, feel free to hit yours-truly with an e-mail for a paid commission, I can always invest that money to pay for a webhost and upload some awesome video-tutorials and more wicked stuff or even re-enroll into my old art institute which I miss a lot!
Cheers mates, watch you later! :D