Nyan Cat & Unicorn Awesome Team!

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So I heard you wanted to see more of Nyan Cat Fan Art and some Fantastic Unicorns!

Nyan Cat et UnicornThis is for my friend Nick, who is totally KICKASS!
You better go check on his website here:


Also I must give credits to the original Nyan Cat! If you haven't seen it, do it right now! (And check all the incredible fan art aswell as the game in there too!)

Here look at the original Nyan Cat!!

And on a not-so-unrelated note, I am trying to make money online to get a decent living out of doing this comrades, so if you need something crazy and cool, contact me! I know I won't be able to buy a new house or a mercedez, but I can always invest that money to buy burritos or bet all the earnings on monkey knife fights!... who knows? Haha just kidding, I need the money to enroll into an Art Institute or an Art College Online so I can make some more wicked crazy art for you guys! :D
Oh almost forgot, new Pokecomics are on the way guys! Expect more squirtle torture!
Nyan nyan nyan nyan! ♥