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Hey guys check this out, this is a quick drawing I made of my girlfriend: 

She is the most amazing GF ever, she is the one person that has supported and helped me the most after I got out of the art institute, she always cheers me up and convinces me to keep on going with my art... I love her so much because she is always with me no matter what.

This is a drawing I made with my Genius F509 tablet, I'd wish to some day be able to afford a Wacom Cintiq 21UX... But it costs a whole lot of money and I would totally need like 10 cash loans from different persons just to buy it... I might even think of buying an insurance for it because it would be awful to spend so much money on it and find some day that it broke or something D:

I have a strong feeling that working online drawing and selling some paintings I can make enough profit to buy that digital tablet someday... so that's my plan for myself, making money online aiming at buying that awesome tablet :D

So as you can see, I'm drawing stuff for you in change of some moneys, if you are interested you can hit me up with a mail so we can discuss what you want me to draw and stuff, or you can always donate some cash to this fellow bankrupt artist. 
Thx guys see you later! :D