Overqualified WTF

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Ok guys, I know it's been a while, I am really really sorry for my lack of updates but this has been a really tight week for me, also the job I applied for denied my request because I was OVERQUALIFIED... what a shitty country, seriously.

Here's an old drawing for your enjoyment guys

I seriously want a pair of  sideburns like those

Ok now, I am working on the tutorials guys, but as things are going around here, it will take a while to get it done...
Also in other notes I am pissed off for several reasons:
- My job application
- I haven't been able to draw anything this whole week
- I haven't seen my girlfriend for 2 weeks
- I haven't seen my sister for almost 2 weeks
- They moved my concert date from Nov 1st to Oct 30th
- I saw someone running over a little dog this monday... the doggie had a little red sweater D: