Meanwhile... Another Sketch

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Hey guys, I've been doing art-unrelated stuff lately so I haven't been able to draw any of the faces yet (but i'm still taking some awesome pics), but in the meanwhile here is another sketch I made a while ago...

In other notes, it's a living hell trying to keep up with all the updates of the blogs I follow (which are awesome btw!) with the actual technology that this cyber-cafe has... I will list a few of their issues:
   -Slow bandwidth speed (Around 1MB for the whole cafe)
   -Slow processing and RAM speed (I'm talking PentiumIII and 256MB here)
   -Sticky keyboards and ass-dirty screens
   -Fucking EXPENSIVE, Around 3 dollars per hour, which in this country is a LOT (This page took almost 2 minutes to load)
If you are wondering why I haven't commented/posted anything anywhere it is because of stuff like that (I'm still reading all of your lovely posts), but I'll be back to my house soon to my regular schedule :D