I Effing HATE This CyberCafe

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Again posting from this damn cybercafe, and as I've stated before and in this post title, I hate it...
Here's a little me I did for my band's myspace like a year ago, I actually drew a set that included the rest of the band, but given that they're not playing in my band anymore, well, their chibi versions had to go too. When I return home I will try to find them so you guys can see them.

That's pretty much me, except my hair is a lil bit shorter

I am at this moment thinking in the next thing I will do and I pretty much think I will do another VideoTutorial, this time covering the basics of coloring and shading as I usually do. I will do it using Photoshop CS3 but everything I will do/use in the video is doable/available in any other version of PS... only the process will be covered in the video and I will make a few pictures containing all the theory that is involved to comprehend such techniques, by theory I basically mean "Light and Shadow Theory" and "Light Reflection and Diffraction"... Don't expect something terribly long and confusing, cause I will keep it simple, as simple as I understand and use it. The only troube is I don't really know when I will finish this D:
Anyways, I have to go to party as always guys, see you next week!!!