Perseus 230

I have been working for a while now in doing 2D art and VFX for this awesome game, I love it because it reminds me of the good old times when I used to play Star Fox all day long. Now its Kickstarter is live and I would love it if you guys checked it out and supported it!

Animated Mega Charizard X and Me - Pixel Art

So yeah, I wanted to try this style and I think it looks pretty darn nifty! What do you think?
I will try to make more like this to gather more experience in pixel art animation.

Pokemon Commission Series

Here are the latest Pokemon drawings I've been commissioned to do. All of them have been really fun to draw :3

Street View Adventures!

My first game app is up guys! I collaborated in this game where you can explore the world, from the gardens of Barcelona to the wasteland of Fukushima. You get dropped off in a random point and have to find your way to a special point of interest, using only your map and a photorealistic view of the street ahead you.

There are 40 different levels around the world.
You can compete with your friends and (this is the part that I like the most because it is so freaking cool) save your walkthroughs as time-lapse videos.

Needs permanent internet connection, WiFi recommended.

Optimized for iPhone 5S and iOS 7.
Go get eeet!